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Helping you deliver quality care environments

with the expertise in one place

Essential Environments is committed to improving the Care Environment. We assist with all Care Environment Issues, Refurbishment, Extension and Development.

Architectural Services  

Energy Reduction

Interiors & Exteriors
Dementia Environments  Refurbishment & Fit Out  
Money Saver Health Check  

Portfolio Review

 Individual Projects


As well as offering a range of services our unique approach is to look at the business as a whole, help you make savings so in the short term they can be reinvested in improving the care environment and long term help reduce cost to your business.


Energy Reduction

Every home can make savings and reduce their Waste Energy.  We can help you start making those savings today.


Download Information Sheet

The Money Saver Health Check  

Let us review your costs from Energy through to Council Tax Billing. Savings and Reimbursements for your business.


See an example of over £30K savings in 1 home


Download Information Sheet


How to make savings....